Eurocinema Offers Online Viewing

Eurocinema is pleased to announce the launch of our online viewing option. In addition to our regular cable-viewing options, five of our October titles are now available for viewing online. Visit our website or click here to view the library of films:

The October titles available online include:

Paradise: Love
On the beaches of Kenya, love is a business.


On the beaches of Kenya, they’re known as “Sugar Mamas” — European women who seek out African boys selling love to earn a living. Teresa, a 50-year-old Austrian woman travels to this vacation paradise. She goes from one Beach Boy to the next, from one disappointment to the next, and finally she must recognize: on the beaches of Kenya, love is a business.

A Cannes Palm D’Or nominee and winner of 3 international film awards, Paradise: Love is now playing — Eurocinema OnDemand — cable and online. This is the first film of director Ulrich Seidl‘s Paradise trilogy.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Every love story has two sides.


Audrey Tautou stars as Angelique, a young student who is in love with a married doctor, played by Samuel Le Bihan. We see her attempts to make him leave his pregnant wife, but ultimately he does not appear for meetings or their booked journey to Florence. When things are seen from his point of view, the real situation becomes clear.

Lila Says


This is the erotic tale of Lila (played by Vahina Giocante), a gorgeous teenage girl who has just moved with her rather strange aunt, into a poor neighborhood in Marseilles. The two leaders of the suburb’s main gang fall in love with Lila. One is the film’s poetic narrator, Chimo; the other is Mouloud, a headstrong punk. One day, Lila dares Chimo to look up her skirt — if he can handle it — and by doing so, puts into motion a sequence of raw, devastating events. The resulting romantic triangle reveals the dangers in sexual game playing.

Winner of 4 international film awards and nominated at the Sundance Film Festival.

Stories of love and desire form the emotional and sensual epicenter of DESIRE.


When the enigmatic 20-year-old Cecile walks into the lives of a group of conflicted teenagers, their deepest-felt sexual urges are unleashed and their worlds changed forever. After the death of her father, Cecile looks for support from her friends but it’s only through random sexual encounters that she finds solace. DESIRE is a probing look at the nature of sexual impulses and the unique intimacy that only sex can create between two people. Sure to cause controversy, DESIRE bares all with its cast of youthful newcomers delivering wryly observed dialogue behind an unbridled depiction of carnal passion.

She only dated men with money… until she met a man with heart.


On the Riviera with her elderly provider to celebrate her birthday, Irene (Audrey Tautou) slips down to the hotel bar when he falls asleep on her. She mistakes barman Jean (Gad Elmaleh) for a well-healed guest and he encourages the deceit by taking her up to the Royal Suite for the night. A year later the same thing happens but this time her lover finds out and disowns her. Now knowing Jean is indeed a barman of little means doesn’t stop her from continuing to live in style until his money is gone. He soon finds himself in Irene’s business with older and worldly-wise Madeleine, and though Irene also takes up with a new paramour the two of them keep in increasingly close touch.

Be sure to check back each month for newly added titles to both our online and cable lineups.


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