Eurocinema’s Larry Namer Biography

Larry Namer
Larry Namer

Larry Namer is a well-known entertainment and media entrepreneur. He is the founder of E! Entertainment Television, Inc., Movies USA Magazine, Steeplechase Media and Comspan Communications, Inc. He began his career in 1971 within Time Incorporated video group (Manhattan Cable TV) where he ultimately became Director of Corporate Development. This group was charged with moving the company from a magazine publisher to a full blown media company. While starting as an installer, his last position there put him in charge of developing new uses of cable television beyond being a simple provider of better TV reception. He is widely credited with pioneering the use of cable television lines for data communications.

After leaving Time, Inc., he moved to Los Angeles and established Valley Cable Television (VCTV), the nation¹s first 61-channel two-way cable system. VCTV¹s accolades included being recognized by Forbes Magazine as the national model for local cable television programming. In his role as Vice President and General Manger, he negotiated contracts with all major cable television networks as well as ran all other aspects of the company’s operations. In 1984, he co-founded Movietime Channel Inc. (renamed E! Entertainment Television, Inc.) and raised the capital to launch the channel in 1987. Serving as President and CEO, he guided the network as it expanded to 14 international markets and a successful radio network syndicated in over 110 markets. He negotiated programming deals with all major Hollywood studios as well as affiliate carriage deals with the nations largest cable operators. He was also responsible for negotiating investments from 8 of the nations largest media conglomerates. In his role as CEO he oversaw every aspect of the company’s operations from its finance and investor relations, to the production of several thousand hours of television programming annually.

In 1989, Mr. Namer founded Comspan Communications, Inc., and established Comspan Russia to manage the company¹s rapidly growing international activities. Comspan Communications, Inc. remains the most prolific producer of live entertainment events in the former Soviet Union (concerts, to fashion shows, to sporting events). Comspan also made its mark in television in Russia as the syndicator of the soap opera Santa Barbara, which ran for 10 years. Under his leadership Comspan grew to become the leading producer and promoter of live events in the former Soviet Union. Additionally Comspan has helped many western companies, from telephone companies to consumer goods, establish operations there. In the United States, Comspan’s focus is the development of new TV networks and services that capitalize on new technologies such as streaming video, video on demand, and delivery to storage devices (such as TIVO and Replay). It has been a key player in the development of Recovery Network, Expo, Hobby and Craft Network, and Documentary Channel. Mr. Namer has also served as the primary consultant for planning and strategy to Microsoft Interactive TV (MiTV) for several years.

Currently Larry Namer is working on Marketing and Advertising of Eurocinema. Eurocinema is a Video on Demand Channel that brings the best of European films into over 20 million homes via leading cable networks in United States and Canada. Teamed up with Sebastien Perioche – the Chairman of Eurocinema, Larry Namer’s main goal is not only to build Eurocinema as a brand, but also open a window to Europe by showing the best of European Cinema.



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